Lili W Storella embarked on her journey with Mila.jito in 2013, amid the busy streets of Shenzhen, China.

Crafting hand-stitched bags that transcend mere fashion trends and embodying a timeless elegance was her aspiration.

With countless hours spent perfecting her craft and mastering the art of saddle stitching, Lili emerged as a true virtuoso of leatherwork.

Her rare ability to not only conceive designs but to bring them to life with her own hands sets her apart in a world where such skills are a rarity.

In 2019,

Lili made the move to the United States, where she found a partner in her husband, Joel,

who himself had been mastering his leatherworking skills since 2004.

Together, they form a balanced team, combining Lili's visionary designs with Joel's expertise.

While Lili initially cultivated her clientele in China, her move to the US opened doors to a global audience.

With each passing year, Mila.jito's footprint in the American market has doubled, a testament to the demand of Lili's creations.

The journey to owning a Mila.jito bag begins with selecting a silhouette from a range of exquisite designs.

From there, every detail is meticulously tailored to the client's preferences

— from the type of leather and color to the stitching, edge paint, and hardware.

Such bespoke craftsmanship demands time; the average wait from order to delivery spans approximately six months.

Yet, for connoisseurs of fine leather goods, the anticipation only adds to the allure of owning a piece of Lili's artistry.

For Lili, leatherwork is more than just a profession; it's a passion that defines her very essence.

With each project she undertakes, she pours her heart and soul into creating masterpieces that reflect her love for her craft.

In every stitch, every fold, and every detail, Lili's devotion shines through, leaving an indelible mark on each Mila.jito creation.

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